The Ultimate Guide to Avoiding Buyer-Repelling Mistakes in Your Home Sale

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Raleigh & Durham Ranked #6 for Best Places to Live

When it comes to living in North Carolina, there are many neighborhoods that prove to be great options. North Carolina offers plenty of incentives, like great weather, close proximity to the beach, and a competitive job market. It’s no shock more people are making the move to this beautiful state. To further emphasize North Carolina’s […]

Why Fuquay-Varina is the #3 Fastest Growing City in NC

North Carolina is a great place to live for families and business professionals alike. Due to its southern charm, proximity to beautiful nature, and booming job market, North Carolina is growing fast in population. Many of the nation’s best-ranked suburbs to live in are in North Carolina. While the Triangle, a metro area of North […]

What are the Biggest Concerns Home Buyers Have in 2022?

The current economy has proven to have surging mortgage rates despite an increase in the housing supply. In June 2022, the national median home listing price was up 16% from last year, and up 30% compared to the year prior. With the US on the brink of recession, and the real estate market nearing its […]

Best Places in North Carolina to Raise a Family

North Carolina is a wonderful place to live. Full of nature, the ocean, and friendly places. North Carolina offers plenty of activities and lots to see, like the Atlantic shoreline and the Great Smokey Mountains. The state has become one of the most popular places to live with its thriving job market, diverse geography, and […]