Raleigh skyline

Raleigh skyline

North Carolina is a wonderful place to live. Full of nature, the ocean, and friendly places. North Carolina offers plenty of activities and lots to see, like the Atlantic shoreline and the Great Smokey Mountains. The state has become one of the most popular places to live with its thriving job market, diverse geography, and great weather.

It’s important to know the best places to live when making any major move. With a state as diverse as North Carolina, many young professionals and families are attracted to starting their lives there. Below is a breakdown of the top three best places in North Carolina rated by Niche to raise a family.


Morrisville, North Carolina is a friendly suburb of Raleigh, about 20 minutes west of the state’s capital. The population of Morrisville is approximately 27,500 people, consisting of families and young professionals. Niche rates Morrisville as the #1 place to live in North Carolina, giving it an overall score of A+. The average price of a home in Morrisville is in the $600,000s, making it a desirable place to live by many.

The allure of Morrisville is due to its low crime rate and high-ranking public schools. Many public and private schools in Morrisville offers diverse education opportunity for students. In addition to a good learning environment, there are many things to do in Morrisville, including the RDU International Airport Observation Park, fine dining and shopping at Park West Village, and rock climbing at the Triangle Rock Club. Regardless of your interests, there is plenty to do in Morrisville.


Cary, North Carolina is another suburb of Raleigh, with approximately 170,000 people. Its distance is about 15 minutes west of the state capital and is home to many families. Niche rates Cary the #2 place to live in North Carolina, and gives it an overall score of A+. Cary is known to have many high-rated schools for families and students looking for a high-quality learning environment. The average home price in this city is approximately $370,000, a competitive price for such close proximity to Raleigh.

The crime rate in Cary is low, with families claiming they feel very safe in their neighborhoods. For entertainment, Cary is a sports hub for baseball and soccer fans and is home to the USA Baseball National Training Complex and two professional soccer teams. Cary also offers 200 dining options for food lovers, with many kinds of cuisines including American, Italian, and a diverse brewing scene.


Apex, North Carolina is rated the #3 best place to raise a family by Niche, with a population of about 55,000 people. Apex is only a 20-minute drive from Raleigh, and due to its short distance, is home to many families and young professionals. Crime is low and education is high in the city of Apex, receiving an overall Niche score of A+.

The entertainment in Apex, North Carolina is unique to the state’s culture. Apex is home to the arts and has various art galleries, theaters, and musical performances. It is also home to the Apex Music Festival, an all-day event drawing nearly 25,000 people every year, with live music and food to enjoy. In addition to unique entertainment, Apex also has a great dining scene and lots of nature to enjoy.

Should You Move to North Carolina?

North Carolina offers so many opportunities for families to thrive. With its diverse entertainment options, affordable living, and competitive job market, North Carolina is becoming one of the most sought-after states to raise a family.

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