Hey there, first-time home seller! This one’s for you! Ready to dip your toes back into the world of real estate? Selling your beloved home might feel like an emotional rollercoaster, but don’t worry– I’ve got your back. As seasoned homeowners turned real estate gurus, we’re here to give you the details on the top things most first time sellers wish they’d known before they handed over the keys.

  1. The Pre-Listing Prep: Before you snap those listing photos, give your home a little love. Declutter, touch up paint, and fix those squeaky doors – a little effort goes a long way.
  1. Understanding the numbers: Selling your home comes with closing costs– be sure to ask your realtor for a seller net sheet, or something similar, so you have a clear picture of what your costs could be. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!
  1. The Price Tag: Your home is priceless to you, but it needs a price tag that fits the current market. Research, talk to your realtor, and consider recent sales in your area to come up with a realistic number.
  1. Embrace Your Inner Minimalist: Less is more when staging your home. Depersonalize and let your space speak for itself. Potential buyers want to visualize their own story in your home.
  1. The Home Tour: Once your home hits the market, be ready for showings. Keep it clean and neat, and if possible, make yourself scarce during tours. Buyers like the space to be able to walk your home and envision themselves there without feeling like they are being watched.
  1. The Negotiation: Offers are coming in – exciting! But remember, negotiation is a dance. Stay open to compromise while also standing your ground on the one or two items that matter most.
  1. Inspection Time: Home inspections can reveal the good, the bad, and the “what-on-earth-is-that?” Don’t panic – negotiate repairs with a cool head.
  1. The Emotional Farewell: Selling your home isn’t just a transaction for most sellers – it’s a goodbye, a closing of a chapter. It’s okay to feel emotional; you’re leaving behind memories, not just walls. Just be sure that the emotion doesn’t impact your ability to make sound decisions during the process.
  1. The “Final Touches”: As closing day approaches, you might find yourself scrambling to pack up those last-minute knick-knacks. Plan ahead to avoid a chaotic finish line. Ask us about our packing preparation checklist!
  1. The Paperwork: Get ready to sign it all away. Don’t rush through it though – read and understand every document. Ask your attorney and realtor questions as you have them. It’s important for you to understand everything you are signing.
  1. “What’s Next?”: Once the deal is done, you might wonder, “What now?” Have a plan for where you’ll go next. You’ve got options – renting, buying, or a cozy stay with family. The options are endless but make sure you have a plan BEFORE you place your home on the market.
  1. Celebrate the Transition: Selling your home isn’t the end – it’s a new chapter. Embrace change and celebrate the possibilities that lie ahead.
  1. Expertise is Your Ally: Having a seasoned realtor by your side is like having your own real estate expert always at your disposal. They’ve been through this, and their guidance is invaluable. Don’t be afraid to bounce ideas off of them or ask for their advice.
  1. You’re a Homeowner Alum: As you hand over the keys, take pride in becoming a seasoned homeowner – with a trove of stories to share.

So, future home seller, you’re now armed with the wisdom of those who’ve tread this path before you. Selling your home is like turning the page of a beloved book – a mix of nostalgia, excitement, and readiness for the next captivating chapter. You’ve got this!

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